IDDSI Compliant

In 2015, the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) was published. The healthcare community worldwide embraced these standards because they are simple and practical and can be implemented anywhere – even in a home kitchen. IDDSI’s gift to the world is a set of tools that allows anyone to ensure the food prepared in their kitchen is exactly as their healthcare provider prescribed.

Modern Dysphagia Cooking

Turn family favorites into dysphagia-friendly dishes.

Now available

exclusively on Amazon!

$29.95 Paperback

Over 100 Delicious Recipes!

IDDSI Compliant Recipes for Levels 4-6

Includes Guidebook for IDDSI Test Methods

I can unabashedly say I wish I had this product when [my husband] Keith was experiencing his dysphagia. It would have meant the world to us and changed his life, as far as safe intake capabilities and pleasurable food and drinks.

– Nancy Yezzi, RDN, LD

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